• As a County Executive Mark Has Lowered Spending and Reduced the Debt
    Improving Dignity and Care
    New 168 Bed Parkview Nursing Home
  • Raising The Minimum Wage
    As a County Executive Mark Has
    Lowered Spending and Reduced the Debt
  • Investing in UW-Fox Valley
    Engineering New Opportunity
    Investing in UWO-Fox Valley

Mark Harris - Winnebago County Executive

Dear Voters,

I have worked hard to serve the residents of Winnebago County the past three terms. The county's debt has been significantly decreased and the reserves substantially increased. During my tenure I stepped up county investment in public infrastructure including roads, Parkview Nursing Home, and UW-Fox Valley.

The waiting list for services to the elderly and developmentally disabled has been eliminated. The county has become more efficient delivering more services with less employees. Please give me the opportunity to serve the people of the 18th State Senate district in the same dedicated fashion.

Very truly yours,

Mark Harris Signature

Mark Lowered Spending and Reduced the Debt
While Maintaining Services

I believe that budgets and borrowing need to be controlled in a responsible manner that respects both the needs of the community and the burden on taxpayers. My record as Winnebago County Executive shows that I have proven success managing spending and debt. Total County spending has decreased since I took office in April of 2005 through the 2015 budget by more nearly four million dollars.

County debt* has decreased by more than 26 million dollars or 48%. None of this was at the expense of the services the County provides. Despite reducing spending I was able to build a new,168 bed nursing home when so many other counties were closing their facilities.

We built new engineering classrooms at UW Fox Valley, so the local economy would have more access to highly skilled workers. Also, we invested over 42 million dollars in new transportation infrastructure projects. My record demonstrates that I am able to manage the budget in a way that is good for our long term fiscal health, and that meets the needs of the community.

*as of April 2016

Outstanding Debt

  1. As of 4.30.05 $54,636,000
  2. As of 4.30.20$34,600,007*

Equalized Tax Rate

  1. Equalized Tax Rate 20055.68
  2. Equalized Tax Rate 20205.07
*Debt fluctuates with principal payments and new bonding.